Oct 31, 2014

No time and no Halloween-y stuff...

Bah. I've been wanting to do kimono kitsuke during the whole past month but no, never got a good opportunity I always had something to do, somewhere to go. Bleh, meh and double bleh. :C It doesn't help that temperatures barely hit above zero anymore so I can't really go outside for long, unless I want to semi-freeze that is. Another thing that makes kimono-ing harder is that my photographer is in the other end of Europe right now, pffrt.
I do feel kinda bad for not having done proper non-cosplay kitsuke since.. *scrolls in blog*, err, April? Oh sweet lord, April?! Was it really that long ago?? :O Well, crap... OTL

I kinda wanted to do some Halloween themed kimono coordination but that inspiration was crushed when I realized I barely even have anything remotely Halloween-ish to put on; it would only have been 43 shades of black or something lolol. No orange kitsuke stuff or anything else fitting.. :'( Mustard is not orange, dammit. I would have had vague ideas for a Halloween look but I just don't have the stuff to make it come true and that's so blergh. Oh well, maybe next year...

Shiro Samurai goes back to hiding under a rock.

1 comment:

  1. The photographer is sorry. :C
    I'll send you spider cakes, hahah.
    I miss seeing you wear kimono! Even if you missed Halloween, it's okay. Just keep doing kitsuke please, it really fits you. <3


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