Nov 23, 2014

Silja Line cruise kitsuke!

Hi peeps!

On 18-19th November I headed down to Helsinki (capital city of Finland) by train. It was a very long and tiring journey but I managed.

The reason?
Go on a cruise to Stockholm (capital city of Sweden) and back with friends. :) 

I needed some relaxation anyway because lately I've had a lot of stuff going on and when my dad, a few months ago, mentioned that he had a lot of bonus points on his Silja Line club card that were about to expire soon, well, we ordered a free cruise with said points, wopee! 
I'm not here to talk about the cruise experience because hey, that you can read over at my Lifestyle blog if you're curious! No, I'm here to post a crapload of kitsuke pics of the coordination I wore on the 19th November while the ship was in Stockholm's harbor. The reason I decided to have the photoshoot during this time was to avoid having a lot of people photocrashing in the background. Not like there were many others though, the ship was probably more than half empty..

Okay, so I know I haven't really posted any proper kimono kitsuke pictures in here since like what, the earlier half of this year? Oops. But hey, now I have so many pictures to spam you with so that it more than makes up for the kimono drought in this blog! 8D

I decided to do a kitsuke coordination with some western clothing items this time. I've only done it once before and I kinda like the modern-ish mixed look so why not? :D I'm wearing a blue wool kimono, wool (?) haori and the it-gets-too-much-love wine red kaku obi. xD I swear I wear this thing with pretty much everything lol. Instead of a juban I'm wearing a light gray dress shirt and footwear is some random black shoes that are comfy and don't look too bad with kimono, me thinks..

Model and photo editor: Shiro Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

At the entrance to Silja Serenade. <3
Oh man do I love being on Silja Line ships. <3 I'm a sucker for cruises and it's something I've been doing all my life because it wasn't rare that my dad and/or mom would go on a cruise every now and then; both are kinda travel type of persons, especially dad. So yeah, I've been on cruising ships a lot during my life and especially onboard the Silja Line Symphony and Serenade twin ships I kinda know them like my pockets lol. Then again Serenade has been renewed so some parts of it were different from what I'm used to but Symphony is still the same. I kinda hope they don't change Symphony too because nostalgy. </3

In the ship's front, somewhere inside but still on the
outside deck.. if you know what I mean. xD
If anyone wonders, yeah you can see a bit of Stockholm on the above pic through the windows. I didn't go to visit though, I've seen Stockholm so many times that it's kinda boring for me by now..

Outside deck, next to a lifebuoy.
Still outside deck, under a lifeboat.
Outside deck, trying to look cool... xD
 I have no idea where my other foot disappeared though.
Still outside deck, I'm so creative.. :'DD
 On the two photos above you can see some sea safety equipment in the background. 

Still outside deck, sitting on the safety vest box I assume..
Do I even need to say where I still am?
We went all over the ship to take photos, first outside and then inside. It was comfy and easy to photoshoot because there wasn't really many pairs of eyes staring at me, hah. I did later cross ways with a young-ish looking Asian guy who stared at me quite long but his face stayed neutral, maybe a slight "didn't see that one coming" expression. I wonder what he was thinking...
Otherwise I got no comments, no one approached me to talk either but a lot of people did stare at me obviously more than normally, mostly looking surprised or maybe a bit weirded out.

Next to the stairs on whatever-the-number-deck.
Selfie in front of the elevators in deck 12.
As you can see especially well on the selfie I'm wearing bright blue contact lenses, or well, actually circle lenses. My eyes are naturally something between light blue and gray, occasionally with a greenish tint and with a golden ring closest to the pupil. If anyone's curious about the blue lenses I've done a review about them over here. :)

Sitting on the stairs leading to New York Lounge on deck 13.
Oh and I must mention that the stairs were changing colors and it was super cool! They changed to red, yellow, green, pink, blue, violet, white and everything in-between!

Sitting in the New York Lounge.
Same as above. :)
It needs to be mentioned that the black soft square chair that I'm sitting on is pretty low, hence why it looks a bit funny when I sit down. Oh, and on the three pics above you can see the ship's "sun deck" in the background. Not like it was especially sunny or even warm to be out there though I froze on my quick run outside. xD

In the sun deck's inside part, aka where you can see
the Promenade/Main deck (deck 7) from above.
Same place as on the pic above. On this one you can see deck 7 in the background.
(and I have no idea why my obi looks so red on this one..)
Sitting in one of the windows near the stairs
on whatever-the-number-deck, again. xD
Lastly we went to Silja Land, aka the children playground/activity place. It was all quiet and empty and cozy so we stayed there and chilled for a while. It's kinda nostalgic for me to be in there because back in my younger days I used to spend quite a lot of time in Silja Land playing video games and drawing, haha.

In Silja Land's couch & television corner.
Same as above ~
I think that was it. I had a lot of fun on the cruise and I wouldn't mind kimono-ing on a ship in the future as well. :) Oh, and I forgot to mention but I guess most people noticed by now that I have something white peeking out from my obi in the front that's the cabin card that works as a key for your cabin as well as a boarding card. It also has some info on it what kind of stuff you're allowed to purchase on the ship (alcohol products etc) based on age so it also works as some kind of ID-checkup card for purchases, haha. I kept it in the obi for easy access and because I could constantly see/feel that I still had it on me.

Bye bye for now!

Or wait. No.
I have a bonus picture!

"Hmm, this thing just might save my ass.." :'D
Yep, goofing around on the outside deck near the lifeboats.