Dec 16, 2014

Cruise kitsuke – Silliness!

Hi guys!

I happened to be checking through photos on my computer and then I bumped into a folder filled with not-so-representative photos of me from the Silja Serande cruise last month yep, I'm basically saying that earlier I had saved a folder with all the derpy faces and then forgotten about it.. until now. :'DD I must admit that I am quite capable of pulling hilarious faces at times and well, sometimes I don't even recognize myself because of how I end up looking on photos. xD I sure had a laugh while plowing through the folder and I figured that hey, double joy is better joy.. so I'll let you have some laughs too!

Silly faces in 3... 2... 1...

There was a shitbright sunset and it hurt my eyes
and I was moaning to my photographer to hurry up or something. XD
Scratching my head is srs bsns.
Honestly, I was yawning.
And then at some point we also went to Silja Land and well, because it was all empty (the ship was in the harbor) I went to goof around... in the octopus slide entrance. Oh, and if someone doesn't know Silja Land is the kiddy place.

Is it... A TENTACLE?
Oh dang, will it eat me?
I'd be lying if I said that this was all of the photos because it's not. I do have some more but they are already so overpower derp that it's better that said photos never see the light of day... xD

I hope you smiled at least a little. :'DD
Bye for now!