Dec 4, 2015


Hello everyone!

I have important news to you! 
I've changed the url address of my kimono blog today, which means that you can't find it on anymore.
The new address is here : ^_^

I've been wanting to change the name for a couple years now, since the former was way too long and I wanted something that's easier to remember and quicker to write down. With this change I also gave my blog a complete make-over in terms of looks – now it's all new, fresh and inviting! ♥ Looks a lot more lively than before, yay!

So yeah, please go update your blog lists to get notifications about my new blog posts from now on! Blogger might not do it automatically so yeah, I'm giving you guys a heads up. ;)
Thanks and I hope you all continue to follow me! ~
~ Shiro Samurai says byebye!

Nov 29, 2015

KimoNovember – fourth outfit!

こんにちは !

November is drawing to a close and I decided to end the KimoNovember event with a BANG! Yes, I dug out my tattsuke hakama (bakama?) from the depth of my kitsuke storage box and combined them with a cream colored silk kimono and a black haori! 
The kaku obi is synthetic and reversible – one side is light blue and the other side is mustard yellow. I decided to use the yellow side this time since I thought that it would fit the rest of the outfit better. The hakama sport the ichimatsu square patterning and are cream & green tea in color. In some lights the tea color can appear brown, weirdly enough.

Buhuu, sorry for the crummy mirror photo but I have no photographer. :(
Another mirror photo, close-up.
These hakama were a really lucky find at Shinei some years ago; I haven't seen a single one for sale before or after I snagged these for  myself. They are vintage and seem to be made of cotton or something like that – they surely ain't silk at least. They don't feel like any synthetic fabric either.

Close-up of the collars. Notice that you can see the haori's
texture where the light hits on the shoulder.
Obi and hakama knot close-up.

Geta with cream hanao and seigaiha print.
Since it's rare to find this type of hakama I decided to take a couple extra photos to show them off! Feast your eyes on this fabulous creation ~

That's about all I have to show you for this time. ^_^ I'm sad to say that this is the end of my KimoNovember challenge because, even though there's still a few days left of November, I just won't have time because the remaining days are weekdays and I have school to attend. So yeah, this was the final KimoNovember kitsuke getup that you'll see from me this year... but there's no need to shed any tears because hey, there's only one year to go until next KimoNovember and then I'll be back! ;)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Nov 24, 2015

KimoNovember – third outfit!

Hello hello!

I threw together a third kimono outfit for the sake of KimoNovember. This time I took some liberties from kimono rules because I wanted to experiment a little. I hope no kimono purists will come and chase me with their naginatas on fire, lol.

I decided to wear my light purple kimono with white dots all over and wear my asanoha patterned very dark blue yukata as a juban. The main reason for this is that I wanted the collars to pop – I wanted something a bit more flashy than your usual men's kitsuke.
I wore my wine red kaku obi tied in a kai no kuchi musubi; I also added my soft dark gray heko obi underneath it. I used the full width of the heko obi and just wrapped it around myself and then tied the kaku obi on top. I did this to get some more colors into the outfit and to experiment with how it looks. Personally I think it looks cool but I'm curious to hear what others think too!

Mirror photo, full-body.
I'm sorry about the horrible yellow apartment light but yeah, seeing how December is near it means we up here in the north have a strong case of polar night going on – which means very little sunlight per day (we're talking like 3 hours here) and thus I have to rely on really crummy lamp light...
The yellow light washes out the colors quite much and makes them appear more yellow/grayish. :/ The kimono appears very yellow-toned, because of the light, but it's a light violet in real life. I assure ya.

Close-up on the collars. (not mirrored)
I really loved asanoha ever since I first saw it and I was overjoyed when I found this yukata on eBay for quite long time ago! I've always had some kind of "I want to try what it looks like if I used it underneath a kimono" thing going on and now I finally decided to try it out!

Obi. Front. (not mirrored)
Obi musubi. Back. (not mirrored)
I would have had more photos but my camera had low battery and died on me after I had taken these. I should have charged it during the night but I forgot... oops.

I'm once again wearing a wig because my real hair looks horrible right now – it's way overgrown to the point I'm ashamed of it lol. I can't even go outside without wearing a hat etc at all times... 

But yeah, is this look a yay or nay? :'D
I'd love some feedback guys!

Nov 15, 2015

KimoNovember – second outfit!

Hello doods and doodettes ~

I'm definitely not doing the KimoNovember in its purest form, aka wearing kimono every day in November. I just can't do it because I'm busy with school and just have a lot of stuff to do that would be inconvenient while wearing kimono. Besides, polar night is fucking with me, haha. The sun is down before I even get home from school, which makes it really hard to get decent photos of my kimono coordinations during weekdays. I'm left with only weekends to get something together and even so I'm still fighting with a really limited time. Hello sun that goes up 8 in the morning and goes down 2 in the day...
Oh well, I did manage to get something together just in time before the sun was completely down. I don't have a photographer though so I'm limited to mirror photos for full-body pics and then the rest by doing selfies lol. It's not like going outside for a photoshoot is even an option though – I haven't seen the sun for weeks! It's just raining day in and day out and it's constantly wet everywhere. If it's not raining then it's this kind of mixed snow and rain.

Enjoy the super blue light from outside.
Impenetrable cloud-wall 11/10.
The kimono is a kind of brownish red (tile color?) with a chequered pattern on it. I like it because I'm fond of red, especially on kimono for some reason. It's a silk kimono, by the way.
I paired it with a dark plum colored haori and a white kaku obi that I'm currently borrowing from my brother. He let me borrow it for a cosplay but I thought it went nicely with this outfit so yeah, I decided to wear it. The juban is fully white.

Mirror photo.
 I'm wearing a cosplay wig because my own hair looks like crap. It's waaay overgrown to the point that I'm embarrassed to go out in public; I can't do it if I'm not wearing a cap or such lol. I really need to go and get it cut because right now I just look like a silly lion or something...

But yeah, some more detail photos!

Body shot.
Collar close-up. This kinda shows the texture of the fabric too.
Obi close-up.
Err, yeah. I don't really know what more to say except that I'm sorry for the continuous mirror photos when it comes to as close of a full-body view as possible. I wish I had a good photographer but I know no one close to me who can use SLR cameras. :/ Oh well...

I'm sure I'll get at least a couple more KimoNovember outfits done so stay tuned!

Nov 4, 2015

KimoNovember – start!

Hello people!

November has started and November means... KimoNovember. A great reason excuse? to wear kimono a bit more than usual! I'm gonna try to be extra active on this blog too, hehe.

This is really nothing to cheer for or anything special but yeah, thought I could share a couple pics anyway of this outfit. So yeah, I quickly threw on my dark plum colored kimono and a blue haori to go with it. If I'm honest I did this as a super-quick test run to see if the colors would be okay for a coming-up-soon cosplay – seems to be good enough, which is a relief haha. The kimono is a tad dark for the character but nothing that's a deal breaker lol; it's also the only one that I have that is plum and not violet in color – so it will have to do for now as it's the most accurate in my possession.

lalalaa ~
 Yes, that's a shirt. I was way too lazy to start searching for my white juban because I've had a lot of stuff moved to new locations recently and yeah, it's a mess in here right now lol.
I also want to apologize for the really shitty light; I took these photos waaaaaay past sunset so the only light I had were these two really yellow and crappy lamps. Otherwise it would have been pitch-black so... eh. *shrugs*

Excuse my super blank face. OTL I was staring at the camera's screen...
For those who are curious the kimono is actually the same one that I'm wearing in this post. Yeah, the yellow light totally screws up the colors. ._.
The kaku obi, by the way, is borrowed from my brother.

I really don't know what more to say. Sorry about this crummy post and the lack of quality photos – I'm honestly not even home from school before the sun has time to set. >_> Say hello to the rapidly approaching winter and the polar night that comes with it...

See ya!

Nov 2, 2015

Unique men's geta with dragon motif!

Hallo again! ~

Remember that earlier post about the two geta pairs I bought? Well, they weren't the only geta that came in that package. ;) You see, during the same time I had spotted these really cool rare geta with a dragon design on! I had never seen anything like that before and of course, because I'm fond of dragons, I had to order the pair. They weren't even expensive!

These were marked as used but appear to be in good condition, save for some signs of wear on some of the corners etc.
I really wonder if they were used for something special because I've never come across especially men's geta that are this fabulous, haha. Always when I see some curiosity, whether it's older or just different from the norm, I always wonder what it's story is. Sometimes I wish that inanimate objects could talk lol. I'm always so fascinated what this kind of looks-to-be-out-of-the-norm items were used for and by whom etc...

Close-up on the dragon artwork.
The dragon art seems to be carved in and the design is spread out on both shoes, overlapping. So if you put both geta next to each other you get a complete picture – it looks cool.

Side view.
View of the underside.
As you can see on the photos above the sides are this kind of traditional reddish orange color. The underside is plain black. The front's background color seems to be some dark blue or black and it's veeery shiny so I guess it's laquered looks like it at least. I'm kinda bad at guessing this kind of stuff.
The hanao are dark blue and seem to be some kind of fabric, it's not as smooth as your average velvet-y (?) hanao but something like that. The fabric appears to be a bit worn on the ends...

One thing I did notice though was that these geta are wide!
Or it could just be me and my small hobbit feet talking...

Dragon geta compared to very ordinary geta.

Even when compared to the same kind of geta (those with the two "teeth" in the bottom) the dragon ones are still wider. I wonder if this is just because the former owner had like extra wide feet or could there be another reason or purpose for it? I always wonder so many things...

Anyone out there who knows more than me and want to spread their knowledge?
Comments welcome! ^.^
Shiro Samurai says bye bye!

Oct 23, 2015

Two pairs of geta!

Hello dyyds!

For a while ago I was on yet another geta search – mainly because I needed some for coming cosplays. Of course that every time I buy some kimono related stuff I always end up using it for ordinary kitsuke too, because why the heck wouldn't I? So yeah, I bought these two inexpensive new pairs of geta from Shinei that site is a treasure trove sometimes! for maybe a month or so ago. I just haven't had time to make a post in a timely manner because of schoooooooool but hey, better late than never, right??

First pair – geta with red hanao.
Second pair – geta with dark blue hanao.
If I recall correctly these pairs were of those "one size" models but they fit me just fine, me thinks. I do have small feet for a guy but oh well, we can't all be average. xD

The red geta. I really dig those hanao – so refreshing somehow!
And the blue geta. The hanao is striped and it looks very... traditional, I guess? haha
Both geta look like this on the underside.
I'm gonna use both of these for at least some characters from Touken Ranbu, so if you're interested in TouRabu and/or want to see what I'll be using these geta for I'd really be happy if you followed my Facebook Cosplay Page. ^o^ As a kitsuke enthusiast I naturally cosplay quite a lot of samurai and kimono wearing characters, hehehe... ~

Ehrrm, yeah. These geta. I don't remember anymore what they cost me but I think they weren't more than maximum 20 dollars or such per pair. Probably below that. My wallet is happy lol.

Geta worn. Excuse my uneven folded pant legs...
As you can see I have.......... hobbit feet.
Yeah, that's what my friends say. My feet look chubby and seemingly has "hairy toes", hence the name. I don't mind, I find it funny. xD

I actually don't think that I have so much more to say about these geta pairs; I haven't worn them out yet but I plan to do it hopefully soon. See ya!

Sep 19, 2015

Black odori kimono kitsuke!

Hello everyone!

I've been wanting to wear kimono for the past few days, but because I'm currently sleeping over at Jäätynyt Enkeli's (my brother) apartment I haven't really been able to do it because all my kitsuke stuff is at home. Well, my brother does have a couple kitsuke items but he rarely wears them; he's just not into it as much as me, but he does like some of the very few kimono that he has. I suspect that he either finds men's kimono a bit too boring or he just doesn't care to learn how to dress. I'm always the one dressing him the few times he does feel like kimonoing. Yes, that's now a word.
I asked him yesterday if I could, by any chance, borrow some of his kitsuke stuff and have a quick photoshoot. He agreed to be the photographer (omg!) and let me pick what to wear from his small collection. My brother has like two yukata, one normal kimono and two flashy odori ones. He also had three kaku obi, if I remember right.

I picked out a black odori kimono with blue and metallic silver details because it was just so fnikkin' cool! It had like all of my favorite colors and it's just ahjfgsafd. ♡ I paired it with his one and only odori kaku obi; it has a different design on each side but this time I went with the stripey side. I also borrowed one of his cosplay wigs because my hair looked like crap surprisingly enough I don't look half bad with long hair, eh?

Model & photo editor: Shiro Samurai
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Hnng, I can't get over how much I adore this odori! ;u; I need to steal it from him...
It's just too bad because he's a bit shorter than me so all his kimono are borderline too small for me length-wise. I can still wear them but yeah, any shorter and it wouldn't look okay... unless I wear hakama or boots or something with it.

Obi musubi.
As per usual I went with the kai no kuchi knot. I should maybe do something else every once in a blue moon lol. I find odori obi to be harder to tie than usual kaku obi and that's because they tend to be of this kind of stiff-ish synthetic fabric that slides around. Odori obi also tend to be shorter so I have to fold in the excess length before tying it because I can't wrap it around myself three times, aka it's not long enough.

Close-up photo on the design on the kimono's hem area.
I'm sorry for having my arms crossed on almost all the photos. XD I didn't think about it but for some reason those on which I had my arms crossed were the only good photos, lol. Me and my luck when I try to be varied...

I hope to borrow this kimono again (and pair it with another obi!) and take some more proper photos someday in a nice location; this time we just had a quickie photoshoot on bro's balcony, haha. I want to do a more fancy look, possibly wear some eyeliner and do something cool with my hair... or wear a wig. We'll see ~

Thanks for reading!

Aug 27, 2015

Smelly but free kimono ensemble + kitsuke!

Hello guys!

As per usual I've been really busy and haven't had time to do anything kimono related. I've started studies again and I've been traveling across Sweden to attend events. I'm sorry to say but the hakama post I mentioned earlier will be delayed again. :( I have no idea how long but until I have the time and energy to take all the photos needed for it, at least. It's gonna need some planning to get it done right.

But even though I haven't been active with kitsuke stuff I still recently got a new kimono and haori ensemble. It actually originally belonged to my brother, Jäätynyt Enkeli, but since he's not as much into kimono as me he's been thinning out his collection. He has mentioned that he mostly cares about yukata and some of his more fancy odori pieces. He actually gave me the ensemble I'm wearing for free – mainly because it had such a strong smell; I swear it was stinking all the way to the moon and back. xD He just couldn't stand it lol.
I managed to air it out indoors by some miracle (I don't have the option to air anything outdoors and the air doesn't circulate indoors for shit) and most of the atrocious stink is now gone. I don't know why this one was so smelly – it had the vintage smell, but cranked up to eleven.

I decided to wear the kimono and haori for a quick try-on. I noticed instantly that even though the kimono seems to be a hitoe (I assume it still counts as hitoe when only the very top part is lightly lined?) it's still just as heavy as most of my awase ones! The fabric is thick and has a sorta rough touch to it; I'm not sure what material it is. It seems to like getting loose hairs stuck on it too.
The kimono and haori are both of course made out of the same fabric.

I couldn't be bothered to start digging for my jubans (they're spread around my apartment, in various places, wherever there's available space) so I just wore one of my fancier shirts underneath.

The sort-of-obligatory selfie. 
I had to wear a wig because my hair literally looks like shit... :S
Mirror photo. I was home alone so yeah, nothing better to offer.

I am of course wearing my wine red kaku obi – I'm always using it for everything lol. It just goes well and adds a nice pop of color to most darker outfits and it doesn't slide, stays in place and has a nice length too. I'm using it way too much, in other words. xD
The musubi is not the nicest I've ever done but hey, I did it really quickly.

This shows the obi's texture well. You might notice that it's on my front,
this was taken immediately after I had tied it; I had not turned it to my back yet.
The reason is because it's much harder to get a nice photo of your back...
... yeah, like this. (mirror photo!)
Photographing your butt is hard lol.
Close-up on the haori to show the color and texture.
As you can see on the last photo the fabric is very dark – in some bad lights it might look almost black. When light hits the fabric it appears as a very dark plum violet color, with some dark red spots woven in. It's nice when you look at it closely. ^_^

The haori, as usually, has a patterned lining. This one seems to have something written on it. I can't read kanji so I have no idea what it says or if it's some kind of sutra text on it or such? Anyone who can tell?

Haori lining.
This is just to show that the fabric has a very different color on the in-
and outsides. At first glance I thought it was lined because of that!
The "mini lining" on the otherwise hitoe kimono. I'm a bit confused
because I don't own any other kimono that has a lining like this...?

That's all I have for this time! Thanks for viewing! ~

Jul 18, 2015

Geta with seigaiha patterned hanao!

Hello everyone!

I have promised to do a post about hakama differences earlier but that will be delayed until possibly August sometime because I'm too busy with anime conventions right now. x) Sorry about that!

I want to say though that for some time ago I placed another order at Shinei. I bought these new geta with a cream colored hanao (thong) featuring the traditional seigaiha pattern. My main reason for buying these was that I needed them for a couple cosplays, but of course I can (and I will) just as well use them for their more traditional purpose – aka kimono kitsuke!

These geta were rather inexpensive; I think they cost me around 20 dollars something, excluding the shipping cost. The hanao was rather tight at first but after one day of wear it loosened up enough to be comfortable to wear. :) The geta arrived packed in their own separate box too, which was nice!

With the same order I also bought a new yukata. It was cheap too, gotta love Shinei! ♡
Originally I had planned to post photos of the yukata together with this post but sadly I haven't had time to wear it just yet, so that will have to wait a bit more. I can say though that it's a really unique pattern (for being a men's piece) and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!
Keep an eye out on this blog, I will wear this mystery yukata and take photos later! ;)

Sayonara ~