Jan 28, 2015

Sushi Evening coming up & Geijutsu Forever forums!

Hi everyone!

Sadly I haven't had time for any kimono-ing this month, but fear not! I actually got word that there is a Sushi Evening special event held at one of the town restaurants early next month. Oh my god sushi in this town, we don't even have a Japanese restaurant! There will be a Japanese chef in place making the foods and hey, I'm totally going!!
The date for this special occasion is 4th February and you had to go write on a paper in this one school's expedition (yeah, the event is held on the school's restaurant) that you're attending. Well, I put my name on the paper and so did my brother and Hasakitsuki.
I am planning on wearing kimono there perfect excuse to kimono in town boahahah but the two others veeeery likely won't because either they don't have any kimonos or they can't be bothered. No group photos. :'( But oh well, I'll come up with what kimono coordination to wear and do a post about the Evening later! Stay tuned!

Oh, and I also want to do some shameless advertising and tell all Japan-interested people to go register over at Geijutsu Forever forums! <3
It's the forum that came to be after the original Immortal Geisha forums closed down except that over at Geijutsu Forever we talk about a bit more than just kimono kitsuke and the geisha life! Yes, we talk about Japanese foods, traditional entertainment, learning the language, literature, artwork & crafts, history and even costuming and cosplay! Oh and of course there is a place for all random daily burblings too that aren't related to anything Japanese lol. Go check it out people, we'd love some fresh blood in there! ;) Psst, I'm there too!

Sayonara ~~