Feb 4, 2015

Sushi Evening


So today 4th February was the Sushi Evening. I went there with Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli as company.

The information paper thingy that was put up here and there.
We all dressed up a bit extra fabulous for the event and for me that meant kimono. I decided to go with an all blue coordination and wear western shoes and a shirt instead of juban.

Me at the restaurant!
We actually don't have a Japanese restaurant here in town so this special event was held in a well-known school restaurant, called Minerva. On 19:00 the dining started, but we arrived slightly earlier so that we would make sure that we all three got to sit together on a table.

People lining up to pay in advance for the food.

As you can see you got both a knife, fork and chopsticks to choose from. Of course I used chopsticks!
Oh, but before the sushi everyone who wanted could eat some miso soup. It was very good!

Miso soup!
After that it was time for the sushi. I actually have eaten very few different kinds of sushi all of these I had never tasted before! It was super good though but also surprisingly much food; I got very stuffed lol.

For dessert one could have green tea. I actually went to get a second cup because it was so good... x)

Green tea in a glass..
When we were eating the Japanese chef actually came to talk to us! I was so surprised. :O Then again, earlier she had seen me, smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back haha.
She asked if we were cosplaying but we said no, that we were just dressed up a bit extra for the occasion only. We did say though that we were cosplayers and she seemed interested and went on to say that she used to live in Tampere in southern Finland before (she knew about Tracon, the big con in Tampere) and was working at a ramen restaurant there. And that was when I realized that the world is really small I had even eaten in that exact same ramen restaurant once before it closed, oh my gawd! o_o I really loved this restaurant the dishes had names of famous Japanese warlords and such! Mmm Oda Nobunaga ramen anyone? I was really sad when I learned that it didn't exist anymore a few years ago... ;_;

We were one of the last ones to leave the restaurant and so we took a few selfies there, next to the super colorful light-effect wall... and Jäätynyt Enkeli did glorious photocrashes. No comment, see for yourself. xD Sorry about the photo quality.

Yeah, like that. XD

We were the last ones to leave and we had to leave before we got to take any kitsuke photos. We tried to compensate by taking pics in Jäätynyt Enkeli's apartment.. but no. It was so hard to get anything even remotely decent because of the bad light, ugh! And it didn't help that I had suddenly turned super tired out of nowhere either... *yawn*

But here's at least a few photos. Better few and semi-crappy than nothing.. I guess? Hahah..

I guess I'll be re-wearing this coordination sooner or later and then you'll get more photos for now just live with these! ;) Oh and the photographer on the last two photos is Hasakitsuki.

That's about it! Now I'll be off to bed, night night!
Shiro Samurai out ~