Apr 21, 2015

Kitsukeneers of the Arctic Cirle!

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to spread the word about the Kitsukeneers of the Arctic Circle (shortening KOTAC) Facebook group! It's a very fresh new group for kimono meetups in the Scandinavian countries, inspiration talk and such! :D Go check it out and come and join us, we don't bite! ~

The group got its start from the Scandinavian meetup!-thread in the Geijutsu Forever forums, which is one of the kimono community forums that was created after the original Immortal Geisha forums closed down. *sniff* The Scandinavian meetup thread got long (and filled with useful info about out first meetup!) and because we had started planning for a meeting seriously enough we decided to make a Facebook page too!

Currently the first kimono meeting is planned to be held at Haparanda & Tornio (twin cities at the border of Sweden and Finland, respectively) on 22-23 August 2015. The date is not set in stone yet but currently it looks like this is gonna be the final date.
Anyone interested in kimono kitsuke is welcome to join! <3 
I will be there for sure! ;) And kinda acting like a guide I suppose, seeing how I'm very familiar with the area.. *cough cough*

Feel free to spread the word around and follow the Facebook group to keep track of new updates we're hoping to gather all kimono enthusiasts in the North, learn to know each other, have some fun times together and go have a photoshoot and such! It will be a blast!!
Come and join us and dress up in your favorite kimono you'll get to meet new faces who share the same crazy passion for kimono as you! <3

Psst, come to the dark side...
... We have cookies and kimono. ;)

Apr 6, 2015



Ooops... sorry about the no-post March. :( *smacks self*
But honestly, I feel bad for not having done any kitsuke in pretty long, forgive me. :< It's just that ever since I started school again yeah, I'm still studying haha I've been busy and also the weather has been all wet and gray lately so, eh, going outside for a photoshoot just isn't very exciting at all. Wearing geta outside right now with all the puddles and wet snow around would surely provide them a premature death, if anything... ;_; Sure that I could do some western twist kitsuke with non-Japanese shoes but I don't know, that's what I've been doing lately so I kinda don't feel like it?? Do I even make sense...? x)

I don't know, maybe I'm having some kind of kimono rut right now? It blows, it sure does but I guess when I don't feel inspired to do kitsuke then nothing cool will come out of it, am I right...? I don't want to force myself either, nuh-uh. That would be no fun.
I guess I'll be rolling my thumbs while I look at kimono coordinations that others have done and wait if, by chance, anything pops up that sends my kimono lack-of-inspiration packing!
Hey, speaking of which...!

Would any of you (yes, you cool people reading this) have any kimono kitsuke suggestions for me?
I feel like I need something refreshing maybe a color challenge or something like that.
Any ideas?