Apr 6, 2015



Ooops... sorry about the no-post March. :( *smacks self*
But honestly, I feel bad for not having done any kitsuke in pretty long, forgive me. :< It's just that ever since I started school again yeah, I'm still studying haha I've been busy and also the weather has been all wet and gray lately so, eh, going outside for a photoshoot just isn't very exciting at all. Wearing geta outside right now with all the puddles and wet snow around would surely provide them a premature death, if anything... ;_; Sure that I could do some western twist kitsuke with non-Japanese shoes but I don't know, that's what I've been doing lately so I kinda don't feel like it?? Do I even make sense...? x)

I don't know, maybe I'm having some kind of kimono rut right now? It blows, it sure does but I guess when I don't feel inspired to do kitsuke then nothing cool will come out of it, am I right...? I don't want to force myself either, nuh-uh. That would be no fun.
I guess I'll be rolling my thumbs while I look at kimono coordinations that others have done and wait if, by chance, anything pops up that sends my kimono lack-of-inspiration packing!
Hey, speaking of which...!

Would any of you (yes, you cool people reading this) have any kimono kitsuke suggestions for me?
I feel like I need something refreshing maybe a color challenge or something like that.
Any ideas?

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