Jun 25, 2015

I've returned to the world of shopping from Shinei!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the silence but I've been busy playing Monster Hunster with preparing for coming anime conventions.

But hey! Guess what? :D
At the end of last month I checked Shinei and found some items that I really wanted. When I logged in with my account I noticed that the last time I had bought anything off the site was on November 2012!! O.o Hoori shitto, that's soooo long ago! It doesn't even feel like it was several years since the last time... Then again, the main reason for this is that for the longest time (we're talking about possibly years) everytime I tried to order anything from Shinei I got some sort of time-out error when I was at the checkout and trying to pay for my goods; I just never found any way out of it and Shinei didn't answer when I asked if they could possibly do something about it either.
This tired me out and I eventually just stayed away from the site to avoid getting the "OMG I NEED THIS ;_;" followed by the despair of not being able to order it because of Paypal errors.
But hey, now –years later– when I placed my order it went through! YES!

I got my package some weeks later, mid-June something. I had ordered a pair of geta and this one super cheap kimono that I just had to have. Period.

Sorry about the crummy mirror photo. This is just
to show it off. I'm wearing my usual clothes underneath.

I am fully aware that it is a women's kimono but fuck that, it's way too much to my liking to let that little detail stop me!
It is a synthetic hitoe and seeing how it's super short (in women's standards – 140 cm) it fits my ideal kimono length, huehuehue. I was actually thinking about just converting it over to a man's kimono but I might want to experiment with a few outfit ideas before I get around to that.
I am unsure though – is this a komon? I'm not super knowledgeable about the different kimono types for women. It's not like I've really ever needed to pay it much attention because men's kimono are just.. kimono... most of the time.
I just love the pattern and color of this thing; blue-gray gradient background with some kind of stylized waves (the borders reminds me of lightning bolts!) and sakura petals. All my yes! I'm fabulous enough to love this thing. x)

Geta and my hobbit feet.
I finally have this kind of geta! :D I've been looking for an inexpensive pair for what feels like forever and finally Shinei ended my search.
If I remember they were listed as used but the condition is really good, with minor wear. I can't really see much wear signs, except on the bottom of course. Even the hanao is still all snug and tight.
Time to get used to walking with these!

That's all I have for this round. Stay tuned because I have another shipment from Shinei that I'm waiting to get my hands on!

Bye bye!