Jul 18, 2015

Geta with seigaiha patterned hanao!

Hello everyone!

I have promised to do a post about hakama differences earlier but that will be delayed until possibly August sometime because I'm too busy with anime conventions right now. x) Sorry about that!

I want to say though that for some time ago I placed another order at Shinei. I bought these new geta with a cream colored hanao (thong) featuring the traditional seigaiha pattern. My main reason for buying these was that I needed them for a couple cosplays, but of course I can (and I will) just as well use them for their more traditional purpose – aka kimono kitsuke!

These geta were rather inexpensive; I think they cost me around 20 dollars something, excluding the shipping cost. The hanao was rather tight at first but after one day of wear it loosened up enough to be comfortable to wear. :) The geta arrived packed in their own separate box too, which was nice!

With the same order I also bought a new yukata. It was cheap too, gotta love Shinei! ♡
Originally I had planned to post photos of the yukata together with this post but sadly I haven't had time to wear it just yet, so that will have to wait a bit more. I can say though that it's a really unique pattern (for being a men's piece) and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!
Keep an eye out on this blog, I will wear this mystery yukata and take photos later! ;)

Sayonara ~