Aug 27, 2015

Smelly but free kimono ensemble + kitsuke!

Hello guys!

As per usual I've been really busy and haven't had time to do anything kimono related. I've started studies again and I've been traveling across Sweden to attend events. I'm sorry to say but the hakama post I mentioned earlier will be delayed again. :( I have no idea how long but until I have the time and energy to take all the photos needed for it, at least. It's gonna need some planning to get it done right.

But even though I haven't been active with kitsuke stuff I still recently got a new kimono and haori ensemble. It actually originally belonged to my brother, Jäätynyt Enkeli, but since he's not as much into kimono as me he's been thinning out his collection. He has mentioned that he mostly cares about yukata and some of his more fancy odori pieces. He actually gave me the ensemble I'm wearing for free – mainly because it had such a strong smell; I swear it was stinking all the way to the moon and back. xD He just couldn't stand it lol.
I managed to air it out indoors by some miracle (I don't have the option to air anything outdoors and the air doesn't circulate indoors for shit) and most of the atrocious stink is now gone. I don't know why this one was so smelly – it had the vintage smell, but cranked up to eleven.

I decided to wear the kimono and haori for a quick try-on. I noticed instantly that even though the kimono seems to be a hitoe (I assume it still counts as hitoe when only the very top part is lightly lined?) it's still just as heavy as most of my awase ones! The fabric is thick and has a sorta rough touch to it; I'm not sure what material it is. It seems to like getting loose hairs stuck on it too.
The kimono and haori are both of course made out of the same fabric.

I couldn't be bothered to start digging for my jubans (they're spread around my apartment, in various places, wherever there's available space) so I just wore one of my fancier shirts underneath.

The sort-of-obligatory selfie. 
I had to wear a wig because my hair literally looks like shit... :S
Mirror photo. I was home alone so yeah, nothing better to offer.

I am of course wearing my wine red kaku obi – I'm always using it for everything lol. It just goes well and adds a nice pop of color to most darker outfits and it doesn't slide, stays in place and has a nice length too. I'm using it way too much, in other words. xD
The musubi is not the nicest I've ever done but hey, I did it really quickly.

This shows the obi's texture well. You might notice that it's on my front,
this was taken immediately after I had tied it; I had not turned it to my back yet.
The reason is because it's much harder to get a nice photo of your back...
... yeah, like this. (mirror photo!)
Photographing your butt is hard lol.
Close-up on the haori to show the color and texture.
As you can see on the last photo the fabric is very dark – in some bad lights it might look almost black. When light hits the fabric it appears as a very dark plum violet color, with some dark red spots woven in. It's nice when you look at it closely. ^_^

The haori, as usually, has a patterned lining. This one seems to have something written on it. I can't read kanji so I have no idea what it says or if it's some kind of sutra text on it or such? Anyone who can tell?

Haori lining.
This is just to show that the fabric has a very different color on the in-
and outsides. At first glance I thought it was lined because of that!
The "mini lining" on the otherwise hitoe kimono. I'm a bit confused
because I don't own any other kimono that has a lining like this...?

That's all I have for this time! Thanks for viewing! ~