Sep 19, 2015

Black odori kimono kitsuke!

Hello everyone!

I've been wanting to wear kimono for the past few days, but because I'm currently sleeping over at Jäätynyt Enkeli's (my brother) apartment I haven't really been able to do it because all my kitsuke stuff is at home. Well, my brother does have a couple kitsuke items but he rarely wears them; he's just not into it as much as me, but he does like some of the very few kimono that he has. I suspect that he either finds men's kimono a bit too boring or he just doesn't care to learn how to dress. I'm always the one dressing him the few times he does feel like kimonoing. Yes, that's now a word.
I asked him yesterday if I could, by any chance, borrow some of his kitsuke stuff and have a quick photoshoot. He agreed to be the photographer (omg!) and let me pick what to wear from his small collection. My brother has like two yukata, one normal kimono and two flashy odori ones. He also had three kaku obi, if I remember right.

I picked out a black odori kimono with blue and metallic silver details because it was just so fnikkin' cool! It had like all of my favorite colors and it's just ahjfgsafd. ♡ I paired it with his one and only odori kaku obi; it has a different design on each side but this time I went with the stripey side. I also borrowed one of his cosplay wigs because my hair looked like crap surprisingly enough I don't look half bad with long hair, eh?

Model & photo editor: Shiro Samurai
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Hnng, I can't get over how much I adore this odori! ;u; I need to steal it from him...
It's just too bad because he's a bit shorter than me so all his kimono are borderline too small for me length-wise. I can still wear them but yeah, any shorter and it wouldn't look okay... unless I wear hakama or boots or something with it.

Obi musubi.
As per usual I went with the kai no kuchi knot. I should maybe do something else every once in a blue moon lol. I find odori obi to be harder to tie than usual kaku obi and that's because they tend to be of this kind of stiff-ish synthetic fabric that slides around. Odori obi also tend to be shorter so I have to fold in the excess length before tying it because I can't wrap it around myself three times, aka it's not long enough.

Close-up photo on the design on the kimono's hem area.
I'm sorry for having my arms crossed on almost all the photos. XD I didn't think about it but for some reason those on which I had my arms crossed were the only good photos, lol. Me and my luck when I try to be varied...

I hope to borrow this kimono again (and pair it with another obi!) and take some more proper photos someday in a nice location; this time we just had a quickie photoshoot on bro's balcony, haha. I want to do a more fancy look, possibly wear some eyeliner and do something cool with my hair... or wear a wig. We'll see ~

Thanks for reading!