Oct 23, 2015

Two pairs of geta!

Hello dyyds!

For a while ago I was on yet another geta search – mainly because I needed some for coming cosplays. Of course that every time I buy some kimono related stuff I always end up using it for ordinary kitsuke too, because why the heck wouldn't I? So yeah, I bought these two inexpensive new pairs of geta from Shinei that site is a treasure trove sometimes! for maybe a month or so ago. I just haven't had time to make a post in a timely manner because of schoooooooool but hey, better late than never, right??

First pair – geta with red hanao.
Second pair – geta with dark blue hanao.
If I recall correctly these pairs were of those "one size" models but they fit me just fine, me thinks. I do have small feet for a guy but oh well, we can't all be average. xD

The red geta. I really dig those hanao – so refreshing somehow!
And the blue geta. The hanao is striped and it looks very... traditional, I guess? haha
Both geta look like this on the underside.
I'm gonna use both of these for at least some characters from Touken Ranbu, so if you're interested in TouRabu and/or want to see what I'll be using these geta for I'd really be happy if you followed my Facebook Cosplay Page. ^o^ As a kitsuke enthusiast I naturally cosplay quite a lot of samurai and kimono wearing characters, hehehe... ~

Ehrrm, yeah. These geta. I don't remember anymore what they cost me but I think they weren't more than maximum 20 dollars or such per pair. Probably below that. My wallet is happy lol.

Geta worn. Excuse my uneven folded pant legs...
As you can see I have.......... hobbit feet.
Yeah, that's what my friends say. My feet look chubby and seemingly has "hairy toes", hence the name. I don't mind, I find it funny. xD

I actually don't think that I have so much more to say about these geta pairs; I haven't worn them out yet but I plan to do it hopefully soon. See ya!