Nov 29, 2015

KimoNovember – fourth outfit!

こんにちは !

November is drawing to a close and I decided to end the KimoNovember event with a BANG! Yes, I dug out my tattsuke hakama (bakama?) from the depth of my kitsuke storage box and combined them with a cream colored silk kimono and a black haori! 
The kaku obi is synthetic and reversible – one side is light blue and the other side is mustard yellow. I decided to use the yellow side this time since I thought that it would fit the rest of the outfit better. The hakama sport the ichimatsu square patterning and are cream & green tea in color. In some lights the tea color can appear brown, weirdly enough.

Buhuu, sorry for the crummy mirror photo but I have no photographer. :(
Another mirror photo, close-up.
These hakama were a really lucky find at Shinei some years ago; I haven't seen a single one for sale before or after I snagged these for  myself. They are vintage and seem to be made of cotton or something like that – they surely ain't silk at least. They don't feel like any synthetic fabric either.

Close-up of the collars. Notice that you can see the haori's
texture where the light hits on the shoulder.
Obi and hakama knot close-up.

Geta with cream hanao and seigaiha print.
Since it's rare to find this type of hakama I decided to take a couple extra photos to show them off! Feast your eyes on this fabulous creation ~

That's about all I have to show you for this time. ^_^ I'm sad to say that this is the end of my KimoNovember challenge because, even though there's still a few days left of November, I just won't have time because the remaining days are weekdays and I have school to attend. So yeah, this was the final KimoNovember kitsuke getup that you'll see from me this year... but there's no need to shed any tears because hey, there's only one year to go until next KimoNovember and then I'll be back! ;)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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