Nov 15, 2015

KimoNovember – second outfit!

Hello doods and doodettes ~

I'm definitely not doing the KimoNovember in its purest form, aka wearing kimono every day in November. I just can't do it because I'm busy with school and just have a lot of stuff to do that would be inconvenient while wearing kimono. Besides, polar night is fucking with me, haha. The sun is down before I even get home from school, which makes it really hard to get decent photos of my kimono coordinations during weekdays. I'm left with only weekends to get something together and even so I'm still fighting with a really limited time. Hello sun that goes up 8 in the morning and goes down 2 in the day...
Oh well, I did manage to get something together just in time before the sun was completely down. I don't have a photographer though so I'm limited to mirror photos for full-body pics and then the rest by doing selfies lol. It's not like going outside for a photoshoot is even an option though – I haven't seen the sun for weeks! It's just raining day in and day out and it's constantly wet everywhere. If it's not raining then it's this kind of mixed snow and rain.

Enjoy the super blue light from outside.
Impenetrable cloud-wall 11/10.
The kimono is a kind of brownish red (tile color?) with a chequered pattern on it. I like it because I'm fond of red, especially on kimono for some reason. It's a silk kimono, by the way.
I paired it with a dark plum colored haori and a white kaku obi that I'm currently borrowing from my brother. He let me borrow it for a cosplay but I thought it went nicely with this outfit so yeah, I decided to wear it. The juban is fully white.

Mirror photo.
 I'm wearing a cosplay wig because my own hair looks like crap. It's waaay overgrown to the point that I'm embarrassed to go out in public; I can't do it if I'm not wearing a cap or such lol. I really need to go and get it cut because right now I just look like a silly lion or something...

But yeah, some more detail photos!

Body shot.
Collar close-up. This kinda shows the texture of the fabric too.
Obi close-up.
Err, yeah. I don't really know what more to say except that I'm sorry for the continuous mirror photos when it comes to as close of a full-body view as possible. I wish I had a good photographer but I know no one close to me who can use SLR cameras. :/ Oh well...

I'm sure I'll get at least a couple more KimoNovember outfits done so stay tuned!

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