Nov 4, 2015

KimoNovember – start!

Hello people!

November has started and November means... KimoNovember. A great reason excuse? to wear kimono a bit more than usual! I'm gonna try to be extra active on this blog too, hehe.

This is really nothing to cheer for or anything special but yeah, thought I could share a couple pics anyway of this outfit. So yeah, I quickly threw on my dark plum colored kimono and a blue haori to go with it. If I'm honest I did this as a super-quick test run to see if the colors would be okay for a coming-up-soon cosplay – seems to be good enough, which is a relief haha. The kimono is a tad dark for the character but nothing that's a deal breaker lol; it's also the only one that I have that is plum and not violet in color – so it will have to do for now as it's the most accurate in my possession.

lalalaa ~
 Yes, that's a shirt. I was way too lazy to start searching for my white juban because I've had a lot of stuff moved to new locations recently and yeah, it's a mess in here right now lol.
I also want to apologize for the really shitty light; I took these photos waaaaaay past sunset so the only light I had were these two really yellow and crappy lamps. Otherwise it would have been pitch-black so... eh. *shrugs*

Excuse my super blank face. OTL I was staring at the camera's screen...
For those who are curious the kimono is actually the same one that I'm wearing in this post. Yeah, the yellow light totally screws up the colors. ._.
The kaku obi, by the way, is borrowed from my brother.

I really don't know what more to say. Sorry about this crummy post and the lack of quality photos – I'm honestly not even home from school before the sun has time to set. >_> Say hello to the rapidly approaching winter and the polar night that comes with it...

See ya!

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