Nov 24, 2015

KimoNovember – third outfit!

Hello hello!

I threw together a third kimono outfit for the sake of KimoNovember. This time I took some liberties from kimono rules because I wanted to experiment a little. I hope no kimono purists will come and chase me with their naginatas on fire, lol.

I decided to wear my light purple kimono with white dots all over and wear my asanoha patterned very dark blue yukata as a juban. The main reason for this is that I wanted the collars to pop – I wanted something a bit more flashy than your usual men's kitsuke.
I wore my wine red kaku obi tied in a kai no kuchi musubi; I also added my soft dark gray heko obi underneath it. I used the full width of the heko obi and just wrapped it around myself and then tied the kaku obi on top. I did this to get some more colors into the outfit and to experiment with how it looks. Personally I think it looks cool but I'm curious to hear what others think too!

Mirror photo, full-body.
I'm sorry about the horrible yellow apartment light but yeah, seeing how December is near it means we up here in the north have a strong case of polar night going on – which means very little sunlight per day (we're talking like 3 hours here) and thus I have to rely on really crummy lamp light...
The yellow light washes out the colors quite much and makes them appear more yellow/grayish. :/ The kimono appears very yellow-toned, because of the light, but it's a light violet in real life. I assure ya.

Close-up on the collars. (not mirrored)
I really loved asanoha ever since I first saw it and I was overjoyed when I found this yukata on eBay for quite long time ago! I've always had some kind of "I want to try what it looks like if I used it underneath a kimono" thing going on and now I finally decided to try it out!

Obi. Front. (not mirrored)
Obi musubi. Back. (not mirrored)
I would have had more photos but my camera had low battery and died on me after I had taken these. I should have charged it during the night but I forgot... oops.

I'm once again wearing a wig because my real hair looks horrible right now – it's way overgrown to the point I'm ashamed of it lol. I can't even go outside without wearing a hat etc at all times... 

But yeah, is this look a yay or nay? :'D
I'd love some feedback guys!

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