Nov 2, 2015

Unique men's geta with dragon motif!

Hallo again! ~

Remember that earlier post about the two geta pairs I bought? Well, they weren't the only geta that came in that package. ;) You see, during the same time I had spotted these really cool rare geta with a dragon design on! I had never seen anything like that before and of course, because I'm fond of dragons, I had to order the pair. They weren't even expensive!

These were marked as used but appear to be in good condition, save for some signs of wear on some of the corners etc.
I really wonder if they were used for something special because I've never come across especially men's geta that are this fabulous, haha. Always when I see some curiosity, whether it's older or just different from the norm, I always wonder what it's story is. Sometimes I wish that inanimate objects could talk lol. I'm always so fascinated what this kind of looks-to-be-out-of-the-norm items were used for and by whom etc...

Close-up on the dragon artwork.
The dragon art seems to be carved in and the design is spread out on both shoes, overlapping. So if you put both geta next to each other you get a complete picture – it looks cool.

Side view.
View of the underside.
As you can see on the photos above the sides are this kind of traditional reddish orange color. The underside is plain black. The front's background color seems to be some dark blue or black and it's veeery shiny so I guess it's laquered looks like it at least. I'm kinda bad at guessing this kind of stuff.
The hanao are dark blue and seem to be some kind of fabric, it's not as smooth as your average velvet-y (?) hanao but something like that. The fabric appears to be a bit worn on the ends...

One thing I did notice though was that these geta are wide!
Or it could just be me and my small hobbit feet talking...

Dragon geta compared to very ordinary geta.

Even when compared to the same kind of geta (those with the two "teeth" in the bottom) the dragon ones are still wider. I wonder if this is just because the former owner had like extra wide feet or could there be another reason or purpose for it? I always wonder so many things...

Anyone out there who knows more than me and want to spread their knowledge?
Comments welcome! ^.^
Shiro Samurai says bye bye!

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