Dec 4, 2015


Hello everyone!

I have important news to you! 
I've changed the url address of my kimono blog today, which means that you can't find it on anymore.
The new address is here : ^_^

I've been wanting to change the name for a couple years now, since the former was way too long and I wanted something that's easier to remember and quicker to write down. With this change I also gave my blog a complete make-over in terms of looks – now it's all new, fresh and inviting! ♥ Looks a lot more lively than before, yay!

So yeah, please go update your blog lists to get notifications about my new blog posts from now on! Blogger might not do it automatically so yeah, I'm giving you guys a heads up. ;)
Thanks and I hope you all continue to follow me! ~
~ Shiro Samurai says byebye!

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