Jan 23, 2016

First kimono outfit of 2016

Hello folks and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

I've been really busy lately because the first anime convention of the year is soon around the corner, school has started again, hospital visits etc. I haven't really had time to do any kimono stuff, sorry. ^^; But today I needed to do a test-run for my new dark brown andon hakama (I need them for an upcoming cosplay) so I decided to quickly try them on with a haori and a dress shirt under. Yeah, I'm doing the whole "mixing wafuku with yofuku" thing again. xD

What I'm wearing this time is a black haori, dark brown andon hakama and a light gray shirt. Oh, and a pair of boots for footwear. Nothing else.

I apologize for the horrible quality of the photo but it was pitch-black outside and I only had my crappy indoor lights to rely on... and no photographer either so yeah, enjoy the mirror photo and the dirty mirror. ._. That's the only photo I've got for this time. I really need a photographer; I'm sick of having shit quality mirror selfies, lol.

Thanks for reading my blog. ^_^ Have a nice day!