Feb 23, 2016

Layered men's kimono look – WHITE & RED

Hi everyone out there!

February is nearing its end and this has been a very busy month for me – I've been doing everything from going to anime conventions to having to file a police report because I've become a victim of internet fraud. :( Needless to say I haven't really had time to do any kimono wearing at home.

Today, on 23rd February, I finally got an opportunity to dress up though.
At first I didn't really know what to wear (lack of ideas, hah) but then I thought that I could try out the whole "layered look" thing. I've never done it before but I've seen it in animes etc and some older kimono books (?) so yeah, I guess it's okay to experiment and wear kimono like this?

Obligatory selfie... because I'm fabulous.
I decided to roll with my off-white kimono on top, my dark red kimono with blackish-blue small squares under it and then the wine red kaku obi to keep the whole shebang in place. The juban is my trusty dragon & tiger motif one with black collars. 
I wore a wig because I had a bad hair day. 

As per usual I apologize for the dirty mirror and mirror photos. I wish so bad that I had a photographer easy at hand but yeah, that ain't happening. Until a miracle happens I guess I'm sorry to say but my kimono blog will mainly be this kind of half-crummy mirror selfie shots, lol. Try to deal with it, okay? ;n;

Katabasami musubi.
This photo is taken just after I had tied it and
it was still on the front. Much easier to take a photo that way.
I can tell you that wearing a juban and two awase (lined) kimono on top of each other is INCREDIBLY HOT. This is definitely not anything you want to try on summer. xD It looks rather neat though but yeah, you'll feel like a walking sauna after 10 minutes, lol.
Oh and yeah, because of the extra layers you will –most likely– also end up looking extra fat.

I decided to dry dropping one sleeve to further experiment with the look. I've seen the one-sleeve-down style quite often in video games and it looks really rad and occasionally badass, depending on the character. I don't how socially acceptable this is in terms of actual kimono rules but I guess it's "better" if the undermost layer that is revealed is another kimono and not the juban, aka underwear? Feel free to inform me if you know more about this subject!

One sleeve dropped.

And here's two photos showing what it looks like viewed from the back:

I'm really sorry for the mess in the background but yeah, my apartment hasn't grown in size but my amount of stuff surely has! I swear half my belongings are spilling out from every available closet and cupboard, lol. It's horrible – someone save me and buy me more storage space. XD

Thanks for reading my blog! Feedback is appreciated as always ~