Jun 12, 2017

I'm not dead & first kimono related purchase in years!

*blows off dust*

Holy macaroni, this blog has been dead for much longer than I intended, oops. Sorry about it. I never forgot or planned to let it just sink into oblivion but I just... haven't had the time, nor inspiration, to do kimono kitsuke for a long time. Another reason for the silence is just simply that I got sick of (almost) always having to resort to taking shitty mirror photos of my outfits and I felt like it didn't do justice to either my ensembles nor my quality standards. This blog will thus probably continue to stay quiet until I either move into a bigger apartment or get a photographer who is available to shoot whatever I've thrown together.

But yeah, the reason I'm writing now is to just make it clear that no, this blog is not dead and, secondly, that I actually did my first kimono related purchase in years today! or more like yesterday, since the clock just struck midnight here.

Screenshot of the eBay auction that I won.
Okay, I admit – I didn't buy it first-hand for ordinary kimono kitsuke. I bought it mainly with cosplay in mind, hence why I rejoiced when it's cotton and not silk because that will make it much more comfortable and worryfree to use for cosplay, aka I can wash it easier if it gets dirty and I don't have to pay extra attention to my surroundings when I'm wearing it etc. The hakama also looked to be in very good condition on the photos, now to wait for it to arrive so that I can inspect it! It's a bit shorter than ideal length for me but I actually think that's only good when it's going for cosplay use
– less risk to get the hem dirty if weather is less-than-ideal and such. Anime character often seem to have too short hakama anyway, lol.
In case anyone is curious I plan to use it to upgrade my Battousai Kenshin cosplay (Rurouni Kenshin) and Yamato no Kami Yasusada (Touken Ranbu) so yeah, if you want to see those costumes be sure to keep an eye out on my cosplay blog. ;) 

One fun thing with the bidding was that I bidded when there was less than a minute left, with a mindset of "let's try placing a low bid and see if I'm lucky" and thus I'm pretty damn sure that I wrote like 7 GBP and watched the seconds roll. Just before the auction ended someone tried to snipe me and the price jumped to the final price (24,66 GBP) and, much to my confusion, I still had the max bid. My initial reaction was "oh shit, what the fuck just happened?" and after some panicking I realized that somehow eBay bugged or something, I guess. It could very well have been my laptop though since my browser is old and few sites function normally nowadays, lol. I went in afterwards and noticed that my max bid was listed at 75 GBP (!!?!) so yeah, thank God whoever tried to outbid me didn't want it that badly. xD What I ended up paying for it was more than what I initially was willing to pay but after some quick thinking I came to the conclusion that it's quite a decent price for what I got and I've been looking for a hakama like this for years. My student wallet can deal with the price since it's still a bit below where my line of pain goes, lol. At least now I finally have a suitable hakama for my cosplay needs.

That's all for this little sign of life; I might scribble together a post once I receive the hakama. Goodbye!